Aldo Velasco was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco to an American mother and a Mexican father. At the age of priligy generic five, he was taken on best price levitra an “adventure” to Los Angeles. At that age, he could not have imagined that this trip would change his life, forever.

Photo by Eric Pearse Chávez

For the levitra vs cialis next two weeks, KCRW’s Morning Edition will be airing profiles gathered inside our mobile recording booth – La Burbuja. Aldo Velasco’s profile was produced by Sonic Trace’s Eric Pearse Chávez and cialis canada KCRW’s Matt Holzman. Special thanks to how to get cialis no prescription Thea Boyanowsky.

Our profile series airs at 7am every weekday from Monday, December 24th thru Friday, January 4th. If you’re not an early bird, audio will also be posted here daily. Tune in, check back!

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