Sonic Trace is KCRW‘s story-telling project that begins in the heart of Los Angeles and crosses into Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and 301 Moved Permanently Honduras.

Are you or your parents from Mexico or Central America? Do you have Angeleno relatives, friends, colleagues or neighbors that came from those regions? Do you know why they left? What made them stay? Did they go back?

We want to know what it it feels like to turn a corner on Pico Union and find yourself in Tegulcigalpa — the sounds, the faces, the tastes of home. Or, how Los Angeles has changed daily life in cities like San Salvador or Santa Maria de Tavhua, Mexico – places where entire communities have been transformed by “el otro lado” (the other side). Sonic Trace turns the immigration debate into a two-way conversation. A story.

But, this can’t happen without you. Visit La Burbuja, our portable story booth, and help us trace your story.

Other ways to share your story:

Answer these three questions about you, your parents, relatives or friends:

¿Por qué te vas? Why do you go?
¿Por qué te quedas? Why do you stay?
¿Por qué regresas? What makes you return?

• Write or Record your story on your phone and

301 Moved Permanently

email it to:
• Share your story in a tweet: @SonicTrace_KCRW
• Like us on Facebook and
upload audio, video and pictures that tell your story:


More about La Burbuja (and the making of…)

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