Over 100 immigrant activists  protested against President Obama's administration's deportation proceeding at the San Ysidro, Calif., port of entry. Some risked detention and deportation as they rallied.

Over 100 immigrant activists protested against President Obama’s administration’s deportation proceedings at the

San Ysidro, Calif., port of entry. (Photo by Eric Pearse Chávez)

Over the weekend, a group of about 100 immigration activists sought out meet family and friends in Mexico. Only this time, they would be standing on U.S. ground, while the others would be across the border in Mexico.

That was their original plan.

But when border patrol heard of their action, they closed off Friendship Park in San Diego — the site where the reunion was to be held.

(There was a previous demonstration in June, where immigrant youth reunited with their deported parents at the Arizona border.)

So within a few hours, the activists re-strategized their rally and 301 Moved Permanently headed to San Ysidro’s Land Port of Entry, the busiest in the world.

Some — who were undocumented — risked detention and deportation while they protested deportation. San Ysidro holds the highest record of Mexican immigrant removals in the country.

We were on the ground with the activists, documenting the moments throughout the weekend. We recorded audio and

301 Moved Permanently

took photos. Below is Monday’s news report for KCRW’s Morning Edition, and a photo slideshow by Eric Pearse Chávez.

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