Sara Lopez reminisces about her childhood in Baja California.

Sara Lopez reminisces about her childhood in Baja California.

For Sara Lopez, there’s one thing that ignites nostalgia about her childhood in Baja California — los pozos.

“A pozo is just basically a hole that’s been dug out at the end of an irrigation ditch,” she says. “It’s not exactly safe, or whatnot, but it was all we had to stay cool.”

(Baja California has pretty warm weather, folks.)

Lopez recalls when she would visit her family in Ejido Hermosillo, Mexico during her summer and 301 Moved Permanently holiday breaks. Along with her cousins, she would “wreak havoc” in the rural community, Lopez says.

And although that town has changed, she says, she still wants visit and introduce it her daughter — she was expecting during our interview.

What’s an experience, food or custom that traces you back to your country and

301 Moved Permanently

your childhood? Was it making pupusas with your abuelita? Or visiting family in Mexico? Share with us on TwitterFacebook or chime in below.

For me, the scent of chicle (gum) takes me to a throwback moment.

Every time my grandma flew in to visit us, she’d carry many of them in her bag and

the smell stuck to her. Being the 8-year-old that I was, I would ask her if that’s how Veracruz smelled like.  

Obviously, I was young.

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