Maria Guitterez, originally from Oaxaca, Mexico and living in the United States illegally, was swindled out of $80,000 over ten years in an extended incident of immigration fraud. (Photo: Saul Gonzalez)

Los Angeles is a metropolis of immigrants, but many of  these newcomers are living in this country illegally. That’s what makes L.A. the unofficial capital of immigration fraud, where con artists play on people’s desperation to get residency papers so they can live in this country legally without fear of deportation.

Immigrant advocates such as those at L.A.’s Central American Refugee Center, or CARECEN,meet victims of fraud all the time. “It’s incredibly common, unfortunately. We estimate about a third to one-half of the

128183000:2016-05-01 14:13:55 individuals who come to seek legal assistance at CARECEN have a member of their family, or themselves, who have been victims of immigration fraud,” says Daniel Sharp, the legal director at CARECEN.

Immigration fraudsters include corrupt lawyers, notaries public and

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