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With Previous Lives In The U.S., Deportees Attempt Legal Re-entry

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Andreina and one of her two sons in San Diego await to be reunited with Miguel Angel — father and husband — who is crossing with the Bring Them Home campaign. (Photo: NIYA via Frisly Soberanis Jr.)

On Monday morning, the first of three border crossings began in an effort to bring deportees and undocumented immigrants back into the U.S. This is the third action of its kind coordinated by the National Immigrant Youth Alliance.

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From La Burbuja: The last goodbye

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Photo by Denise Malone.

“I think it’s one of those things that’s really of being undocumented in this country is that you can’t see your relatives anymore,” Jose says.

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From La Burbuja: ‘The best of both worlds’

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photo (22)

Rocio Veliz’s Angeleno roots trace back to L.A.’s Pico Union and 301 Moved Permanently Guatemala. But when she visited Guatemala, she didn’t feel like she was from there. And here in L.A., didn’t really fit in as an American either.

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Tracing Love: Finding hope with my parent’s love story

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After 30 years of marriage my parents were finally married in a Catholic church (my mom's dream) This is a photo of when they were married for the first time. (Photo: Luz Santana)

Luz Santana’s parents met in the Orange County, but come from different parts of Mexico. And it all began with a photo. Luz writes how their love has given her hope in finding her own true love.

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Tracing Love: Meeting Angel in Oakland

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Chandra, her son Aristeo and her husband at an immigration rally in San Francisco in 2013. (Photo: Chandra Friend.)

A couple meets in Oakland, Calif., and gets married on the other side of the border.

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Tracing Love: Returning to where it all started

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Stephen and Darlene in December 2013.

Stephen met Darlene — who is originally from Southern California — while they both taught school in Australia. Years later, they found themselves together and going back and

301 Moved Permanently

forth between continents.

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Tracing Love: Learning the language, of love

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Maria and Waiman Sin at their New York home. The couple met while learning English in New York's La Guardia Community College. (Photo: Tabitha Sin)

A trip to Chinatown changes things for two classmates, who disliked each other.

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From La Burbuja: A movie, a husband

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Rosa Alatore met her husband outside of the Orpheum theater in Los Angeles. But both are from different regions in Mexico.

For Rosa Alatore, a night out to the movies became a novela scene.

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With their bicultural sound, La Santa Cecilia humanizes immigration

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La Santa Cecilia with Sonic Trace's Brian De Los Santos.

L.A.-bred band, La Santa Cecilia, recently won a Grammy for Best Latin Alternative Album. They tell us how they got started, why they’ve raised their voice on immigration and

how it feels to receive a top industry award.

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From La Burbuja: ‘Home is wherever you make home’

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After 16 years of having lived in the U.S., Mexican-born Neidi Dominguez, 25, visited her native country. But when she arrived, Neidi realized she wasn’t as mexicana as she thought.

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